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März 23, 2012 § Ein Kommentar

Ach Kinder, endlich scheint die Sonne. Boots werden Stiefeletten. Schals werden Tücher. Und dank schwindender Pullover und Langarmshirts werden endlich wieder unsere hübschen Handgelenke sichtbar. Grund genug diese mit den Armbändern der bezaubernden Berliner Designerin Jacqueline Noah aka Ludovika Van Inkpen zu schmücken.

Oh look there’s more prettiness!


pretty friday.

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Oh look there’s more prettiness!

I will always make time for you &

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That is not only nice promising someone, it is also buyable and very helpful for organizing and taking notes.

Oh look there’s more prettiness!

Bread & Butter 2012

Januar 23, 2012 § 2 Kommentare

The day before the storm – B&B entrance hall. The old airport Berlin – Tempelhof is an amazing location!

Hey everyone!
Yes, I went to the amazing Bread & Butter fashion fair 2012 last week. No, I did not have much time to take a look around, because I was working the whole time. But I was able to take a few shots with my phone on the way out. If you missed it this time, make sure to come back in the summer. It really IS pretty cool. Especially the location. And what I realized last week: I am a freak for stand design. To be honest, sometimes my eye was more fascinated by the stand than by the fashion. May be my true calling ;).

A making of booth where you can take a look at the development of a jeans at Mustang, Levi’s or Wrangler, so sorry, slipped my mind. Something denim ;) If you know what brand it is let me know!

Funny earphones for your smartphone at ANTONY MORATO

Pretty stand at NOA NOA

Super sweet shoes at BLOCH

Love the crimson red, forgot what this brand was, again, ugh.

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